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Dream Homes can offer you a unique and affordable construction experience. We specialize in offering our customers a completely custom designed and built log home. We also can offer you a complete catalog of construction ready plans . For the price conscious customer we can even offer a panelized home that is log sided instead of full logs, all of this can be done by dealing with Dream Homes alone, instead of contracting with a Log Home company first then finding a contractor in your area to build your house. Dream Homes will do all of this plus travel anywhere to build.

Dream Homes is able to take your project from design through completion with one contract between you and Dream Homes. The buck stops here when it comes to the responsibility of getting your project complete.

Dream Homes can give you a complete hands on experience or a turn key contract. We can also offer from a dry in contract, to taking your project to final inspection and permit of occupancy.

Dream Homes is able to offer our homes between 10% to 20% less than our competition due to low overhead and the ability to eliminate the middle man. Dream Homes prefers to use local vendors and subcontractors when possible. This minimizes problems that may occur after construction. In my experience in dealing with other log companies they will often either ship more materials then you need to complete your project causing you to end up spending more than necessary or they don’t send enough to finish the project. In which case they tell you they only charged you for what they sent and you will have to come up with more money to complete your project. Not with Dream Homes you are charged for the materials necessary to complete and we take full responsibility for any shortages and minimize all waste.

A contract with Dream Homes includes design, engineering, and construction from site prep to the final inspection, you can rely on Rob Smith and his crew to support you through the entire process, professionally and honestly. Dream Homes #1 priority is the customer. Our sensible approach to providing affordable labor,materials, and subcontractors makes it possible to make you “Dream Home” come true.

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