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Dream Homes owner Rob Smith has been a licensed contractor for over 38 years. Since 1977, Rob Smith has built everything from large commercial projects to the latest in residential construction. With a passion for expressing creativity in log and timber frame homes, Dream Homes offers a unique and affordable construction experience.

Rob Smith after years of representing other log companies grew tired of the recurring problems that occur when you buy your log package from companies that just sell logs. He found that once the money is collected for the package these companies take no more responsibility and leave it up to the general contractor to fix any problems. This can make it hard on the relationship between the contractor and owner due to the fact in most cases the owner dealt with the log company separately while the contractor is a third party to the project. With Dream Homes you deal directly with the contractor and log supplier. We take you from design to engineering to permitting and construction all with one company and we take the responsibility for the project until completion.

Dream Homes specializes in offering our customers a completely custom designed and built log home. We are also able to offer a full catalog of construction ready plans, and even log sided panelized homes, all available through Dream Homes without any additional markup. Dream Homes not only offers a unique log home experience we also build with the latest construction materials such as Insulated concrete forms (ICF) , Insulated structural panels (SIP), and also conventional construction, we are able to mix all types of construction to create your Dream Home.

Dream Homes is not a company that prices our homes by the square foot due to the fact all of our homes are different inside and out. We do say we can build between $180 and $300 per square foot as a budget number before we start plans and interior finishes. This can give you and idea if this is the type of house for you. Dream Homes is also owns Mountain Home Log & Timber, a log supplier. We will be happy to put a log and lumber package together for the adventurous do it yourselver.

For your more extreme Green Home enthusiast we also offer Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) construction and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) construction, for those who are looking for a more environmentally self contained green home, this also is a custom design product that we can provide you. Don’t think just because the house is green construction it can’t have style, green homes can range from Igloos to Victorians and everything between.

In short if you choose to have a hands on experience or a complete turn key contract, Dream Homes wants you to have a positive and memorable experience one that you will be proud to tell a friend about.

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