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Dream Homes is a fully mobile construction company and able to erect homes anywhere in the United States, most of the time between 10% and as much as 20% less than our competitors. Dream Homes will take you from designing your custom log home to engineering for your location and securing your building permits for construction.We then will hire the necessary subcontractors from the local construction building pool such as electricians, plumbers,and roofers, we install our own foundations and do our own framing and finish work.

For the customer that doesn’t want to spend the time to design a custom home we offer a catalog of proven log home designs . For the customer who wants the rustic look outside and wants to create more personal look inside we can offer a panelized home for a more reduced price then a full log home. Our panelized homes are built with strict guidelines and meet all local building codes for your area , these homes are not double wide mobile homes , they are on full foundations and are built from any floor plan you want with ceiling height from 8’ to 18’ depending on your plans.

Dream Homes is able to offer our homes at a competitive price due to our low overhead, and fair profit margin. Dream Homes prides itself in minimizing the amount of waste we send to the landfill. This is both greener and benefits the customer due to tighter controls on the amount of materials ordered for your project. This allows us to keep our prices lower.

The bottom line is you can buy our custom design home for the same price as a construction ready plan home and either one will be from 10% to as much as 20% less than our competitors.

The First Step:

We discuss your budget to decide whether you would get more from our custom design homes, catalog collection, or panelized homes. Our custom homes are based on your specific needs, number and size of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size of kitchen , the number of rooms and size of common areas. The square footage of construction ready plan homes sometimes can be deceiving due to dormers and sloped ceilings. When you work with us we make sure your home has the space you need in the configuration you want. When you invest with Dream Homes we make sure you get the home you envisioned.

The average time we invest in creating a pricing for your house after the blue prints and engineering is done is around 180 hr. depends upon the amount of help you need on your interior finishes this is at no cost to you. The cost you will incur are blueprints , engineering , the cost of construction, and building permits & fees.

The Second Step:

Once the decision is made on the type of home you want from our custom log home to a construction ready plan log home or our panelized home we create the blueprints and engineer the project. I then submit them to the local building department for approval, once we have a building permit we send them to production to start your home.While your home is being produced we will be preparing your land and installing your infrastructure and foundation, then we install your underpinning and subfloor, by this time your home is ready for delivery. Once the home is delivered we start the erection and take the project through completion or whatever stage you contracted for.

We use standing dead trees in an effort to be as environmentally conscience as possible, our trees come to you with a moisture level of around 12-18% this helps minimize shrinkage naturally. Most companies air dry or kiln dry their logs, this could take up to 18 months. It also hurts the integrity of the logs and this comes with an added price. Our custom log homes are built first in Canada at our mill to insure tight fits and high quality logs are used. The home is erected first then the logs are numbered disassembled and shipped to your lot where we reassemble it. The process shortens the time it takes to erect your home on the foundation.

If the new owners were inclined to want to see their home before it was shipped to their lot they are welcome to go up to the mill and see the process.

The Last Steps:

Dream Homes is a full service construction company, we will take you from design to completion and help you with all your questions along the way. We are not a company that makes its money on charging extras to the client for things they might have forgotten in design or have changed their mind during construction, all extras are charged at cost of added materials and labor plus 10% markup.

Most log home companies will put together a home package that would include logs, windows,interior and exterior doors roof sheeting and interior framing, that would be one contract then you would have another contract with a log stacking contractor and another contract with a general contract to oversee the job and schedule subcontractors. Dream Homes does all of this for you with one contract with Dream Homes that is why we can beat most companies by 10-20% on most contracts.

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